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Spartite, endorsed by spar manufacturers, boat builders, and riggers, is perfect for any keel step mast on boats from 19' Lightnings to 225’ Super Yachts. Spartite is shipped as standard or optional equipment on J Boats, Pacific Seacraft, Saga, Little Harbor, Alden, Corel 45, Carroll Marine, Santa Cruz, Wally Yachts, Sabre, Deerfoot, and numerous custom and one design yachts.

It can be found on America’s Cup yachts, maxi yachts like "Falcon", "Boomerang", "Morning Glory", "Exile", "Sayanora", and "Sagamore" and turbo sleds "Donnybrook", "Pyewacket", and "Cheval". It is also used on classic yachts like "White Hawk", "Adela", and "America" or Super Yachts "Thalia", "Wally Gator", "Zeus", "Happy Four", and "Teal".

Spar manufacturers like Hall Spars, Offshore Spars, Omohundro, and Sparcraft recommend Spartite. Its strength and correct flexibility provide effective force dampening when working through seas and gives the spar more cushion against the partners if excessive mast bending loads are applied.

What they say about Spartite

Don’t wedge it. SPARTITE it! SPARTITE, it’s a verb!

Steve Black, Single Handed Sailor and WEST Marine Caribbean 1500 organizer

It really works! A great fix to my Valiant 40’s problem of 14 years.

Ed Fitzsimmons, VA

Installed Spartite on my Catalina 36 - No longer have to replace wedges, and the leak around the mast has been eliminated.

Dean George, VT

My J-41 has a large rectangular mast partner that never chocked well. Spartite was the ultimate answer.

William Donald, NJ

We never wonder if the wedges are falling out in a blow down wind or if the mast is well supported when we grind down on the runners on our new Tripp 41.

Ron McLean, Bay Harbor Brokerage

The greatest stuff since sliced bread!!

Michael Grishman, ME, Saber 38 owner

As close to waterproof as anything I’ve ever had on my J-33 "Troubador."

Skipper Helme, Race Resources

For 8,500 miles through the South Pacific delivering "Beowulf", the new Sundeer 78, we used two Spartite kits and intend to recommend the kits to our owners. The concept of a cast, uniform mast wedge is excellent.

Steve Dashew, Dashew Offshore

For thirty nine years we fought the mast chock problems on "Iolaire". We tried them all, wood, hard sponge, medium sponge, rubber wedges of various sizes shapes and degrees of hardness-all had problems. Two years ago (about 15,000 miles and a dozen gales ago) we installed SPARTITE, perfect. Nothing could be better.

Don Street,
Editor "Sail" Magazine
Author "The Ocean Sailing Yacht" and "Streets Guide to Puerto Rico Passage and the Virgin Islands"


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